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How To Fix Print Spooler Error 1067

December 6th, 2011

It is a very annoying thing when your spooler subsystem prevents the normal work of your computer, in spite of all your efforts. Print Spooler is the most important service for your printer. Print Spooler is the head of all the processes existent in the printer. If you get print spooler error 1067 then all the printing processes stop and cannot be restored. The symptoms of the Print Spooler Error 1067 are the following: you cannot print anything using your printer and the appearance of error messages when you try to install the printer. The error message looks like that:

“Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.”

print spooler error 1067

Download Printer Spooler Fix Wizard

The reasons of the Print Spooler Error 1067 can be different both the software and hardware of your printer. Firstly check the hardware, because it can be the probable reason of the error in the case of incorrect installation. Check if the cables of the printer (both electric lead and the cable to the computer) are connected properly. If everything is right, then use the following method:

  • 1. Press Windows + R, type services.msc and click OK.
  • 2. Open the Print Spooler Service. Change the Startup type to Automatic and click OK.
  • 3. Reboot your computer.

If this method is useless for you, then the reason can be in defective drivers and software, which are installed on the computer. You can try to uninstall all the software for the printer, everything that enumerated in the Printers&Faxes. Click Start, select Control Panel and open Printers&Faxes. You should delete them in Add/Remove Programs. After the removal, install all the programs that you need for your printer. And then don’t forget to install the drivers. Many printers require installing drivers to make their work regular. Some outdated, incompatible or defective drivers for the printer can decouple computer and printer. If you update Windows version, so it means that most likely the drivers of the previous version will not suit. You should change them either.

If you have some problems with viruses, then your drivers or System files can be corruptive by them. You should solve the virus problems at first and then restore the system and renew the drivers. If the restoration of the system will be in vain then you may try to install your Windows System.
But don’t use that serious solution until you try to download the special file from Microsoft to fix this particular error 1067 print spooler. This file is called RestartPrintSpooler.msi. Or you can also try to use Fixit4me program.

There is one more useful tool as a solution of this problem: Troubleshooter. This is automatic tool that can find and fix some problems with installation, connection of the printer and also the problems of print spooler errors.Control Panel